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Effects of Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy will produce a change in the reactivity of the immunological system:

With immunotherapy an “abnormal” or reactive (allergic) immunological system, will revert into a non-reactive system. This is accomplished by the administration of allergy vaccines. This is a complex process that even today is not completely understood. Interestingly  this type of treatment has been discovered more than a hundred years ago by observing the fact that repeated injections of small quantities of the allergen led into an improvement of the symptoms. This observation occurred way before antibodies were discovered.

By the administration of these small and repeated doses of allergen the body will produce other type of antibodies (IgG) that are not attached to the Mast cells. Therefore when the inhaled allergen meets the “unattached” IgG no reaction will ensue. These IgG antibodies are therefore known as “blocking antibodies”. Please note that this explanation is an extremely simplified version of what really happens.

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