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Role of Medications in the Management of Allergic Conditions

The usual approach for the management of inhalant allergies is to offer the patient allergy medications. The most common medications are the group of the anti-histaminics.

The common denominator of allergy medications is the fact that they will be able to control the symptoms (fact that is not 100 % accurate in all the situations) but as soon as the medication is interrupted the patient will face a recurrence of the symptoms. (Symptoms will develop as soon as the allergic individual gets exposed again to the offending allergen. This will not happen immediately if the individual is reactive to seasonal allergens like the pollens, but will happen soon after discontinuation of the medication if the individual is reactive to perennial allergens like dust).

In other words: In the best of the circumstances allergy medication will work for as long as it is being administered but will never lead to the cure of the allergic condition as there is no effect on the immunological system per se.

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