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More on Adverse Events

Below is a list of symptoms that have been reported by our patients over the years. The symptoms are arranged alphabetically and next to the symptoms is the number of times that the particular symptom has been reported 26

Behavioral changes 1

Cold sweat 1

Cough 5

Diarrhea 1

Dizziness 1

Dry/chapped lips 1

Eczema 1

Feels weird 1

Headaches 4

Insomnia 1

Itchy eyes 3

Itchy face 3

Itchy lips 1

Itchy skin 11

Itchy throat 6

Lip tingling 1

Lips swollen 1

Mood Changes 1

Nasal obstruction 1

Nausea 3

Palpitations 2

Rash face 3

Rash skin 14

Smell perversion 1

Sneezing 2

Shortness of breath 3

Sore throat 1

Stomach pain 6

Swollen eyes 2

Taste 2

Throat burn 1

Throat dry 1

Throat tight 3

Tight chest 5

Tired 2

Tongue burn 1

Tongue tingling 1

Vomiting 4

Wheezing 1

The symptoms in the list above are presented exactly as patients defined them. Many of them are very similar or refer to the same complaint reported with different words. Therefore we have organized these complaints in several symptom-clusters:

SKIN: Eczema, Itchy eyes, Itchy face, Itchy lips, Itchy skin, Itchy throat, Rash face, Rash skin, swollen eyes

OROPHARYNGEAL: Lips tingling, Lips swollen, Lips dry/chapped, Sore throat, Throat burn, Throat dry, Throat tight, Tongue burn, Tongue tingling

GASTRO-INTESTINAL: Diarrhea, Nausea, Stomach pain, Vomiting

RESPIRATORY: Nasal obstruction, Sneezing, Cough, SOB, Tight chest, wheezing

CONSTITUTIONAL: Cold sweat, Dizziness, Headaches, Insomnia, Palpitations, Tired

PSYCHO/NEUROLOGICAL: Mood Changes, Behavioral changes, Feels weird, Smell perversion, Taste


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